21, Oct 2013

Do you know people who always wait until the last minute? The people that wait until the 11th hour to do things? The people that have plenty of advance notice but never actually take advantage of it? The ones that don’t know the early bird gets the worm?

These are the same people that jam up the division of motor vehicles getting the car inspected on the 30th of the month even though they have known for 2 years now that this day was coming. These are the same people that don’t have bread or milk in the house and feel the need to jam up the supermarket when the weatherman hints at snow like the apocalypse is coming. The same people that require rush delivery on the their kid’s birthday invites even though they pretty much know that their kid’s birthday falls on the same day every year. You see what I am saying?

We all know these people.

I was never one of them though. I was a planner. I had to do lists. They contained tidy little check marks as I went through my days and weeks accomplishing tasks. I was a task master. I had a shopping list, a cleaning list, a schedule of yoga classes on the refrigerator and an appointment for a pedicure. I mean for crying out loud, I made sure we got our Christmas tree and holiday table runners before I headed to the hospital to have a baby.

That was then. This is now.

Now, I am the 11th hour mom. I am that lady with scraps of random paper free floating in my diaper bag. The lady that makes to do lists and subsequently goes the entire week forgetting to check said to do list. The mom that knows her kid’s birthday is one month away but keeps forgetting to plan for it every day that passes. I am the mom that had known for months now that my family was having their pictures taken on Saturday but waited until the 11th hour to find something to wear. I felt pretty victorious that my family showed up in clean clothes that coordinated. That was 11th hour luck, people. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

On an entirely separate note, let’s talk about my kid looking like an ewok. I am thinking that this could be his Halloween costume since I am also 11th hour-ing that….

superfresh babyknits


boss lady

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8 Responses to “11th hour mom”

  1. Becky says:

    Your child is beyond ridiculously adorable. 11 hour moms unite ! (probably about 15 minutes later than all the other moms…)
    Becky recently posted…Sunshine AwardMy Profile

  2. But she’s so cute!

    I think 11th hour is a nice way to say procrastination. I know this because I am this.
    Shauna @ Momma Candy recently posted…I’ll Take Pictures When I Want ToMy Profile

  3. Jen says:

    bahahha. this post made me laugh in several different places. You’re kid is the cutest EWOK ever and I think that even as an 11th hour costume it would be great! Favorite line: “I made sure we got our Christmas tree and holiday table runners before I headed to the hospital to have a baby.” Priorities.
    Jen recently posted…Say What? ASK AWAY FRIDAYMy Profile

    • superfreshbabypants says:

      True story….Christmas tree was up and a trip to HomeGoods for table runners was complete. Only then was it safe to go to the hospital and have a baby. My OCD needed me to make sure that when I came home we were ready for Christmas.

  4. I can SO relate. I was the girl who had nails that matched my outfits and changed purses and got shit done. Now – I’m lucky if I get anything completely done! Add me to the softball team roster for sure! But – I’ll probably always be late for practice and won’t be able to find my uniform for games!
    Beth at Structure in an Unstructured Life recently posted…How to Get Along With an IntrovertMy Profile

    • superfreshbabypants says:

      No worries….it will probably take me twice as long as anticipated to actually put a softball team together.

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