I complain sometimes.  Sometimes, I complain a lot. Consider yourself warned.

It’s too hot.  It’s too cold.  Too sunny.  Too dark.  I love that paint color.  No, I hate that paint color.  My kid won’t sleep.  My kid is sleeping too much.    My kid is crying….again.  I’m tired.  I can’t sleep.  I love being home. I hate being home.  This shit is hard work.  This shit is so easy.  Look what I just found on pinterest!  There are no ****ing directions to this pinterest project anyway….whatever.

Complaining this much gets tiring.  Complaining to people who just roll their eyes and say things like “been there. done that” is even more tiring.

So from where I sit, I can’t see your eye rolling as I tell you how annoying it is that I spent 45 minutes today on my way to have lunch with a friend only to find that my diaper bag had no diapers in it when I arrived.  No wipes either.  That’s right.  I couldn’t change a diaper even if I needed to.  I can tell you all of this without seeing your eye rolling or hear your retort, “been there. done that.”

Lucky you, my internet strangers.  I will share all my complaints and joys with you as I travel this unpaved path of life and parenting.



boss lady

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