2, Sep 2013

We kicked off the holiday weekend with a trip to the swim club and ended it with a trip to IKEA.  In between, we did more swimming, lots of standing, playground time on the swings and slides, a date night out and plenty of time napping to recuperate from all the fun.  We love summer around here and it certainly felt like the shortest season of the year!  Oh summer, how we will miss you.  Summer has been good to us and blessed us with a tremendous amount of “firsts”!


Here is a short recap of what we have been up to over the summer!!

1.  Airplane rides:  we kicked off the summer by boarding a flight to Florida.  First time on an airplane and my boy handled it like a boss.  Not so sure that I am willing to put him back on a plane any time soon but am sure glad that I crossed that off the bucket list already.

2.  Pool Time:  We hit the pool in Florida and have never looked back. He loved the water while on vacation and sure enough the love affair continued when we came back home.  We spent as many days at camp pop pop ( aka grandpa’s pool) as we could this summer.  It never gets old.

3. Beach Time:  Although our trip was short, we made it to the beach for a few days in NJ to visit friends while they were on vacation.  My boy loved the beach!  What a relief that was because he was not the biggest fan in Florida.  He certainly became quickly acclimated to the sun and surf though and even enjoyed the boardwalk despite the “suns out guns out” shirts that he had to bear witness to.

4.  Music Class:  We started music class at the end of August.  45 minutes of maracas, drums, singing, clapping, dancing and more.  It’s like a baby’s dream, isn’t it?  He’s only been to one class but I am pretty sure he loves it already.

5.  Crawling and Standing:  Yep, he’s been super busy all summer long crawling and standing.  He has mastered both of these skills this summer and is constantly on the go.  He has even traded in sleeping in order to spend some much needed time on strengthening his standing skills apparently.

6. Teething:  My kid is 5 teeth deep and building more.  He has spent all of his summer building his teeth. They are big and bright and beautiful.  They form the cutest little smile and are adorably precious when he laughs.  It is so fun to catch a glimpse of what looks like a mouthful of teeth on him!

7.  Running:  My babypants has logged a significant amount of mileage on his city mini at this time and joined me in completing the c25k this summer.  We have even discussed trading our babyjogger stroller in for a true running stroller (gasp).  I know, it’s crazy, but I think we are actually approaching that status….the status of requiring a real running stroller.

We have been pretty busy this summer taking advantage of our time outdoors.  I am sad to see summer bid us farewell but am feeling pretty excited for what the fall has in store for us.  It seems to be shaping up to be a pretty exciting time for us and full of celebrations!!!

How did you spend your summer??


boss lady

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