28, Nov 2013

Thank you to all of my family and friends who have shown love and support along the way in this tricky, funny, sometimes sad, mostly happy journey called life.  This past year has been littered with monumental milestones and my heart swells with gratitude and love for everyone that has supported me along the way.   Happy Thanksgiving!

A little treat for those of you that have supported me in my small business and honing of this craft called needlework….



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27, Nov 2013

….and I have a 1 year old.  I have entered the world of toddlers and tiaras.

To mark this monumental milestone, I decided to skip the onesie with sticker and instead dressed him in real clothes.  We invited our families to join us while we gorged on pizza, ice cream, cake and chocolate covered pretzels.  We sang.  We danced.  We laughed.  We scared the birthday boy.  Mostly, we just had fun.  The way you should have fun when celebrating the first year of life.

dessert bar


first birthday

cake bunting

birthday ideas for one year old

chocolate pretzels

mustache bash straws






sundae bar

sundae bar

nellie blys

mustache bash

yep….I have a one year old.  I survived the first year.  So did he.


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25, Nov 2013

Last week, I told you about where we have been hanging out lately and what we have been doing.  If you missed it, you can read more about it here.

I’m back to tell you about where this little family of mine is headed.

Hawaii?  Iceland? Nairobi? Bollywood? Mexico? Maybe just to the mall to see Santa?  Or the market for milk and bread?

Actually, we are headed down the road in pursuit of a simpler life.  A life of intention.

Several years ago, it began by choice.  We began evaluating our lifestyle and taking inventory of our choices.  We started small and began revising some of our habits.  We started by turning off our cable television.  It was such an insane waste of time and finances.  We were paying close to $200 a month for premium cable service and watching 1 hour of intentional television programming a week.  Four hours of television a month was costing us close to $200.  We were spending nearly $50 an hour to watch television.  I don’t know about you but when we started doing the math we soon realized how insane that was.  It wasn’t just the finances though.  Television is a huge time suck and nothing but mind bending bubble gum programming for the most part.  It has been years since we have had cable and I am pretty certain that we will never go back down that road again.

When we moved into our house a few years ago, we actually never hooked our television up.  We went 6-12 months without any television at all.  It was only during football season, nearing the Superbowl, that we caved and hooked the TV up to watch the Patriots.  I don’t regret the decision at all.  It was made with intention to watch TV.

It has been hard to maintain a lifestyle of intention and purpose at times.  Many times actually.  It is far too easy to be swayed by the sparkle of new shiny objects.  Far too easy to compare what I have to what others have.  Better yet to compare what I don’t have to what others have.  Try that one on for size and then go live with intention.

What started as the pursuit of a simpler life by choice has since become a simpler life by necessity.  With a baby, a house and only one income, we are always looking at ways to simplify our lives.  To spend less time and money doing and spend more time being and enjoying.

We are in pursuit of a simpler life.  We are headed down the road of living with intention.  Living authentically.  Living with less.  Consuming less.  Enjoying more.


nellie bly bday

A sneak peek about a big birthday celebration coming up on the blog this week…someone turned one….


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I haven’t been here much this month but if you follow me on Instagram you may have run across a posting or two in my feed documenting the 3am and 4 am wake up calls that we’ve been experiencing.  We are rounding out the first year as new parents and this year has been riddled with almost no sleep. This past month breaking records and putting previous months to shame.  This year has also been riddled with meltdowns of the mommy variety.  Moments spent alone crying on the steps, in the shower, in the basement, in the attic and anywhere that I can get a moment by myself while I feebly attempt to collect my thoughts and regroup.

I have had moments of regret and guilt over the way I have reacted in the past year.  I have had moments of feeling helpless and alone.  I have felt like the mom’s group outcast because I couldn’t get my shit together in order to get out of the house on time to make a 9am playdate at the park.  Not once, not twice, three times a charm.  Then they booted me.   I have mostly felt alone and isolated in this parenting gig.  In the world of pinterest, instagram and facebook, it is hard to find full disclosure on what parenting is really like.

Thankfully I found The Mother of All Meltdowns, a collection of personal accounts on mama meltdowns from thirty fantastic bloggers.  They recount and share their personal meltdowns in all of their horrifying glory.  Mostly funny, sometimes sad but always relatable.

mother of all meltdowns

The Mother of All Meltdowns has become my new travel companion, bedside reading, holy grail, revised bible…you get the picture.  While this book isn’t doling out wisdom on making sure my child is sleeping through the night, it sure is providing the gentle reassurance that every mother needs in knowing that they are not walking this path alone.  One of my favorite recollections was from the Tao of Poop, as Rachel retold of her meltdown at bedtime….the story of my life.

New mamas, old mamas, first time mamas, friends of mamas….this book is for you.  You can visit the website here to find out more about this clever book as well as find out more about the authors, events, blogs and current retailers to order from. I hope this book finds its way on to the holiday wish lists of mamas, the baby shower must have registries and the rejuvenation packages for the weary!

I hope you enjoy it!


boss lady


*disclosure: I have been provided with a copy of The Mother of All Meltdowns in exchange for a review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.



20, Nov 2013

November has been a month of milestones for our little family.

Science Guy and I celebrated our five year anniversary this month.  While we may no longer have the lavish celebrations of days past, we still have the love.  Our first anniversary was celebrated with a week long trip to sit on the beach in Isla Mujeres.  This anniversary was celebrated with a quiet dinner at home, dirty diapers, bath time, story time and bed time for the baby.  I would say that this anniversary may have rivaled the first anniversary and, in fact, may have topped the week long trip to the beach.

superfresh babypants

superfresh babypants

congress hall

After our night of wild celebrating, we packed up the cars and headed to our local farm market the next morning before the sun came up.  This month I decided to take a leap of faith and participate in the farm market’s craft bazaar and display my superfresh babyknits line.   I had no idea what kind of response I would receive and was pleasantly surprised to find that both weekends I nearly sold out of earwarmers, cowls and infinity scarves.  It has been such a surreal experience.  In a million years, I would have never ever anticipated honing any type of craft and actually ever selling it.  I have had so much fun the past two weeks that we’ve decided to participate in the final week of the farm market before they shut down for the season.   You can find us this Saturday at the Collingswood Farm Market if you are local!!

superfresh babyknits

superfresh babyknits

ewok hood

Last but certainly not least, we have been gearing up for the monumental celebration of someone turning one!  I cannot believe that I have a soon to be, just days away, one year old.

mustache bash

So, we have been super busy with celebrations of all sorts!  Make sure to stop back tomorrow when I share my review of a book that I hold near and dear to my heart.  This book has helped me through some very dark moments lately.  This book is the Mother of All Meltdowns.


boss lady


I haven’t been here in a while.  Oddly enough, I haven’t missed it.  I have been considering shutting down the blog and retreating back into the solitude of my life.   I live a pretty simple and quiet existence.  Nothing fancy.  I like it this way.

Blogging is not quiet.  Blogging is busy and active.  The hive is always buzzing.  There are blogs to follow, blogs to read, bloggers to connect with and network with.  There is a blogging community to immerse yourself in.  It can feel like quicksand.  You have to work really hard to stay on top of things.  To be completely honest, I don’t want to work that hard right now.  Working that hard and spending that much energy on something other than my family just feels wasteful.

I also have had to examine who I blog for.  I felt inhibited.  I found myself censoring what I wrote not wanting to offend anyone.  Then I found myself not even wanting to blog because I knew I would be writing about the same issues I have been struggling with as a first time mom.  Somehow being a first time mom suddenly felt like a disadvantage, almost as if what I was writing was pissing people off.  So while I was quietly struggling with issues that I could have blogged and helped others or gotten much needed advice and support, I didn’t.  I didn’t feel like enduring judgment again.  So, I did not blog.  I stayed quiet.

Then, I realized that I blog for myself not for others.  If you come here and you read it and you like it, fantastic.  If you don’t, that’s on you.  There is a back button, an X at the top of your browser and a myriad of other ways to stop reading.  My blogging is voluntary.  So is your readership.

So, I will continue living my simple life and I will continue to blog about the complications, chaos and intricacies of this simple life.  You are welcome to join me and read along.  You are also welcome to quietly exit the stage at this time.


boss lady


Dear Babypants,

I am a little late in commemorating your 11th month.  Remember when I said I thought that double digits had something in store for us?  I meant full nights of sleep.  Couldn’t have been further from the truth.

We’ve been busy.  I am sure that you probably have noticed that I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.  Burning the midnight oil.   I’ve been up all hours of the night and waking before sunrise.   We have been busy mastering new milestones and developmental goals and continuing to make a mouthful of shark fangs.


You are growing by leaps and bounds. You are thinning out and slowly shedding your baby fat, if that is even possible.  Long lean arms are slowly replacing your little chubby sausage link arms.  You are using your new arms to pull yourself up, to feed yourself, to share your food with mama and dada, to stack and sort and pull your toys, to turn the pages of your favorite board books…and so much more.


You are inquisitive and curious and spend your days exploring your surroundings.  You can be found standing at the front door watching the world go by,  crawling on the grass in the yard or attempting to toddle through the living room.

We spend our days reading board books, stacking and sorting toys, clapping hands, singing songs and occasionally taking naps.  You are understanding cause and effect and enjoy throwing your sippy cup and feeding the dog all of your gluten free spinach puffs from your high chair.

You struggle to understand the cause and effect of sleepless days and nights.  Neither one of us is very happy during these times.  Let’s work on changing that and making sleep a solid part of our routine.  I’m pretty much over the 4 am wake up calls and the all night partying happening between the hours of 11pm and 5am, k?

The last year has been surreal.  I still marvel at watching the transition from babyhood into toddlerhood and still can’t believe that I have a soon to be 12 month old.

Love you around the world and back.  To the moon and back.


boss lady

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