29, May 2014

Yesterday showered us with cold rain and kept us housebound for most of the day.  I had every intention of brightening up my toddler’s otherwise dreary day with a post nap bubble bath.  When my little guy woke from his two hour mid afternoon respite though, he was on fire.  He had developed his first real fever yesterday.


We have been blessed with an otherwise healthy baby in the past 18 months.  He has had some minor sniffles, lots of teething symptoms, a winter cold and some general not feeling well symptoms but has never spiked a fever.  Yesterday was met with a 102.8 fever.  His little toddler body was on fire.  He was fussy and not his usual self.  He required lots of snuggles, stories and liquids.  He also required a bubble bath and some Tylenol to help cool him down and break his fever.  Today we are in recovery mode.  I hope it is a short and quick recovery for this little guy.  I hear the weekend is going to be sunny!


How do you treat your little one’s fevers?   Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


















27, May 2014

Summer, I missed you.  I forgot just how much I missed you until you paid us a visit this weekend.  You showered us with warm temperatures, lots of sunshine, fresh air, easy conversation, cold drinks, backyard barbecues and lots of visiting with neighbors.  Like an old friend, you felt so easy and natural to be around.  No need to make elaborate plans to fill our time or small talk to fill the pauses.  Nope, it was good just to be in your presence.


Thanks for spending the weekend with us.  Stop by again soon.   We always have room for backyard barbecues, sun filled days, a refreshing swim, cold drinks and easy conversation.


backyard barbecues


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