Dear babypants,

Hard to believe that we’ve logged another 30 days together, isn’t it?  There were some tiring days in there but mostly your dad and I are smitten and in love….and tired.


It’s been another monumental month of firsts.  You are completely mobile now and are crawling everywhere…especially in the direction of the dog.  He is crazy.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  You are beginning to pull yourself up and attempt independent standing.  You practice a lot of downward facing dog.  I’m not sure if you’re a yoga baby or attempting to stand but time will tell.

You’ve also become quite the foodie too.  We have given you a mixed bag of homemade purees, store bought purees and some small finger foods.  You’ve shown a fondness for squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, pears and bananas and any variety of those fruits and veggies mixed.  So far, I haven’t been able to sell you on peas but it doesn’t mean I will stop trying. You’ve rocked the sippy cup too and started sitting in the highchair when eating out. 



Speaking of becoming a foodie, you’ve inherited your front teeth.  All 4!  Tops and bottoms. You enjoy them too. At least you enjoy grinding them which makes it sound like you’re eating shards of glass. It’s like music to my ears if my ears thought nails on a chalkboard was music.

Your mobility allows you freedom to inspect everything from our shoelaces to cardboard boxes and the iron heating grates.  You love exploring your surroundings now.  You also love any toy that makes noise.  You are obsessed with your rattles, maraccas and banging on the floor or baskets.  You have visited your first baby gym and music classes are just an email away now.


Not only are you a mover and shaker but you’ve also started to pick up some signs.  You can now sign for ‘up’ to be picked up and can wave.  On top of signing you are saying ma ma and da da.  You tend to vocalize at the appropriate times so the jury is still out whether you actually have any idea what you’re saying. Of course, I like to believe that you are a genius but whatever.

You’ve logged your fair share of days at the pool, another sand eating mini vacay and your first 4th of July celebration.  It’s clear that you’re going places in life!

Time is flying by. If I could freeze these moments I would.  Your dad and I are completely obsessed with you…even if it sounds like you eat glass shards.


Ma ma (aka boss lady)

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