dear babypants,

Can you believe it’s been 9 months since you traded in your penthouse womb with a view to come live with us?  I can’t believe it either!  It seems like it was only yesterday that you were curled up in my arms sleeping in bed with me.  Now, you retire to your own room and sleep in your own crib every night…without me.  Makes me sad and excited all at the same time.  You are motoring right along toward the 1 year benchmark so I better keep up.



You have cut another tooth in the past month and now have 5 teeth:  two uppers and three lowers to be exact.  You are apparently cutting a sixth tooth in there somewhere.  Only a matter of time now before it surfaces.  You stay busy teething pretty much.  It’s one of your many talents.  Your preferred method of teething continues to be lots of drool, gnawing, biting, crying at which time you prefer to be held, rocked, nursed, cuddled, loaded down with ibuprofen, fed ice cubes, cold teething rings and rubber sophie giraffes.


You are becoming a foodie just like your dada and mama.  You love homemade baby food, kale puffs, blueberry rice cakes and nursing sessions.  You are eating at least 4 ounces of baby food a day now.  You have also been eating some sliced apples and avocados.  You drink water from a sippy cup too.  You are like your mama in that you love a good glass of water.  Just remember the body is comprised of more than 70% water!

happy puffsedit

You are mobile and constantly on the go.  You are crawling, pushing, pulling and standing with assistance.  You are a lover of downward facing dog….again, it’s either a precursor to standing and walking or you are a yogi by nature.  You have mastered the words “mama” and “dada”.  You seem to be learning the word “doggie” now to add to your expanding vocabulary.  You have made up a hand sign or two that we are unsure of what they are but will try to figure them out so we can communicate with you.

We have checked out two baby gyms for you and so far neither one seems to be the right fit so we will keep looking.  You are enrolled in music classes in the meant time.  You enjoy the maracas, drums, dancing and singing.  You also really enjoy the other kids and even the other mamas.  I caught you a number of times trying to sit in that other mama’s lap.  You can’t fool me.

You are still thoroughly enamored with your pool time and even went to the swim club with Aunt Christina, Max, Ethan and Natasha.  We’ve traded in your pool float for free swim because that’s what you enjoy.  Again, back to the water thing….you are just like your mama.

The next toys on the list to purchase are some wooden toys and the infantino elephant sorter.  You are pretty much obsessed with the elephant sorter and anything that makes noise.  It accomplishes both.  You also love to bang things and while we recognize pots and pans are just as good, we prefer you have your own objects of affection too.

We are about to schedule your nine month appointment and will get the official stats for your height and weight but let’s just say you are big for now.  That’s about right.   You are seriously one happy baby.  I have no idea if it is anything we are doing or if you would be equally as happy living in a cardboard box down by the river with the dog.  Whatever it is though, I’ll take it!



We love you to bits and pieces.  To the moon and back.  Around the world.  We love you.


boss lady

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