Dear Babypants,

It’s time for sleep.  Seriously.  Your shenanigans are bordering on the baby version of the beibs and bynes right now.  I get that they are all over the news.  In fact, bynes made the news this morning for wearing her wig and sunglasses while babbling to herself and chowing down in public. Beibs, meanwhile, was doing something with a monkey recently and then something with a former president.  Maybe they look cool to your babyself.  With the monkeys and wigs…I get it.  But really if there was a baby tabloid, you would be the cover every week.  I’m here to tell you as your mother that you’re headed down the wrong path.  The milkbar is closed.  Go to sleep little baby.  You’ll feel better after a nap.  I promise.


Boss lady

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