Being the self professed hippie in training that I think I am, I contemplated imitating Alicia Silverstone and chewing my kid’s food for him.  She did this for her kid and it had people up in arms evidently.  It makes sense though.  Birds do it for their young.  What’s so wrong with doing it for our little birdies?  You think I’m kidding, don’t you?  You should ask Science Guy about the conversations that ensued regarding mastication (the fancy word for chewing).

At the end of the day though, I caved to the mainstream masses and loaded my baby down with some pureed goodness.  The only saving grace to my pureed baby food was that I chose to make it myself in lieu of prepackaged store bought baby food.  It was easy.  Super easy.  If you are considering your baby food options consider mastication or blending, please.

My babypants is currently consuming about 4 ounces of food a day along with continued nursing sessions and some whole foods thrown in the mix.  I generally whip up whatever is in my kitchen and make a batch of food about once a week, maybe every other week.  There is really no science to this because it is so easy.  Here’s a peak into what I whipped up yesterday.  It took all of an hour or so to throw together.


2 cups of steamed baby carrots

1-2 cups of steamed spinach

3-4 peeled, cubed, boiled sweet potatoes

1 apple

handful of cubed mango

Vitamix Blender

Baby food storage containers (I picked mine up at Babies R Us!  They were $10.50 and perfect 2 oz portions for the freezer!)


Carrot-Apple:  Combine carrots with 1/2 a grated apple and a dash of hot water in the Vitamix.  Blend and store in freezer.

Spinach-sweet potato-mango: Combine spinach, mango chunks and half of sweet potatoes in the Vitamix with a dash of hot water. Blend and store in freezer.

Sweet potato-Apple: Combine the remaining sweet potatoes and 1/2 a grated apple in Vitamix.  Add a dash of water and an optional dash of cinnamon.  Blend and store in freezer.


Seriously so easy a baby could do it!  That’s it.  All there is to it.  Stop staring at the computer screen and get in your bitchin’ kitchen and feed your kid already.


boss lady


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2 Responses to “bitchin’ kitchen babyfood”

  1. MomChalant says:

    Love those cute little storage cups. Do they have glass ones the same size?

    My son is too old for this, but next time around I definitely want to do this.

    • superfreshbabypants says:

      Only available in plastic unfortunately. I looked at other storage containers that get a lot of rave reviews but found these to be economical, compact and perfect for us. I place two in the refrigerator every night and then at mealtimes will place whatever container I choose into a cup of hot water to warm it up or complete the defrost. I am lucky to have an insinkerator which dispenses near boiling water so I don’t ever have to microwave any of his food!

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