16, Aug 2013

I’ve reached the final destination and as a reward I’ll be throwing a P Diddy style white party in the Hamptons. Except I don’t live in the Hamptons. I’m not P Diddy. I don’t know P Diddy. White after Labor Day is always questionable anyway.

So it remains to be seen what the details of my P Diddy party are or if there even is a P Diddy party. None the less, I have reached the final day of the C25k program. Somehow, I managed to squeeze in 9 weeks of being outside with a baby in the horrific heat and humidity we had this summer and get my 30 minutes of fake running, some call jogging, in. I loved almost every single minute of it with the exception of this past Monday when I was experiencing a sugar hangover and thought I would die in the street with my baby left to fend for himself in the babyjogger. Lucky for all of us, I lived.

So, where do you go after completing the c25k? Ultimately, I plan on completing the 5k to 10k training program. In the meantime, I still need to actually work on getting 5k under my belt since we all know I was cheating by doing the timed training instead of the distance training. I plan to incorporate some 30 minute fun runs every week while working up to distance training. Once I am comfortable with the distance, I plan on starting the 10k training. Then maybe half marathon? Who knows where the road will take me.

:cue rocky theme:


boss lady

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