Please note that the title of this post should read like a question to you and not a directive.

For you see,  I have lost all control over my inbox.  I just sat down in front of the world wide interwebz after putting babypants to bed only to find that I have 296 unread emails waiting for me.  The other week I had over 800 unread emails waiting for me. Clearly, I have no control over the management of my inbox.  I barely have time to check my email let alone sift through hundreds of emails to see if any of them are worth reading.  Most of them are not.  Occasionally, there’s an email in there that I should be reading and it almost always sneaks past me without fail.

I developed an addiction to sample sale and flash sale websites several years ago.  I signed up for everyone I could find: Rue lala, zulily, hautelook, gilt, beyond the rack, living social, groupon, one kings lane, steals, and the list goes on and one. Seriously, there are more.  I am a member of more sales.  In fact more than I have time to read about. More than I have time to care about.  I’ve tried to unsubscribe to several email lists in the past.  I have been successfully removed from some.  It didn’t make a dent in the amount of emails that flood my inbox.  I am thinking of hiring a personal assistant to manage my inbox at this point.

So in reference to the post title,  I am not directing anyone how to manage your inbox.  Instead, I am pleading with you, friends of the interwebz, to share all of your helpful tips, suggestions and advice on how to break the bad habit of letting my digital mail collect dust. How do you do it?


boss lady

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4 Responses to “How to manage your inbox”

  1. I also have signed up for a ton of those sites! I use gmail and set up filters so all those emails skip my inbox and go into folders, like one for Zulilly, one for Groupon, etc. then I look if I have a need or time, or else I skip it if I don’t. This has also saved me from impulse buying because its such a great deal and I never knew I needed it but now I do!
    Good luck!! I always a huge sense of accomplishment when I get rid of that little number next to the email icon on my phone! Haha!

  2. Oh please if you find out let me know. I have the same problem and literally have to schedule an oh-so-thrilling unsubscribe day to do just that. Now Google Chrome organizes my mail into 3 mailboxes all of a sudden! I don’t remember asking anyone to so that. Now I know Im missing stuff.

    • superfreshbabypants says:

      Crazy, right? I think I have to start scheduling different days for internet dates. A date with my email. A date with my facebook. A date with my blog. Good lawd!

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