29, Aug 2013

I hate to lose. I hate to lose at mostly anything. This is why I don’t compete. I can’t stand coming in last or for that matter second or third or fourth or anything other than first. The Olympics don’t just hand out gold medals to everyone. The Stanley Cup doesn’t get passed around the NHL so all the teams get a chance to hold the coveted cup. The Patriots don’t give up the Superbowl to just anyone (well, okay, sometimes they do but not this year….). Do you see what I am saying here? There is always a winner and there is always a loser.

I recently entered into a photo competition. Natalie Seider Photography was hosting a contest and giving away a free mini photo shoot to the contestant who garnered the most votes. All I had to do was send her a picture of my kid to be entered into the contest. I did just that. I sent her a picture of him. He is so cute I could eat his face, squeeze him like a bunny and snuggle him like a kitty.  I assumed other people would feel the same way.

cute baby

I quietly promoted the contest when it began and only secured 10 or 12 votes.  This went on for days.  I let the contest sit quietly.  Most of the other contestants were in the same boat as me with very few votes.  Except for one.  She was my main competition.  She had more than 40 votes while the rest of us trailed way behind her.  I sat quietly and waited.

Like a fox, I was about to raid the henhouse.

Voting ended last night at 8pm and I was about to make some dust and smoke my competition.  She couldn’t possibly be watching Facebook could she?  She has two kids and was slaughtering the rest of the contestants.  Sometime in the early afternoon while babypants napped, I sent out an invite reminding people to vote for my kid.

If you build it, they will come.  They came.  They flocked.  It was like Noah’s Ark.  The votes were pouring in.

But wait a minute…as votes for my kid started pouring in so did votes for her kids.  Again, her votes doubled ours. This signaled trouble ahead.  She must be watching facebook,  I waited until the eleventh hour to call in the big guns.  I contacted my campaign manager and told her to release the hounds.  She did.  It was a voting frenzy once again and this time we were gaining ground.  We were so close, I could taste the win.  Voting was winding down but I wasn’t done yet.  There were only a handful of votes needed and I knew they were mine.

Guess what?

They weren’t mine.  Neither was first place.  Nope.  She won with 112 votes.  I landed in second with 98 (now 99) votes.  I received an awesome consolation prize that was not part of the original contest too.

Should I be happy that I came in second?  Probably.  Should I be happy that my friends and family carried the underdog all the way up the ladder to land at second?  I am sure of it.  Am I content that I came in second?  No way.  I am lying in wait like a fox staking the henhouse.  Just waiting for my next contest. I am a sore loser.  This is why I can’t compete.  This is why I don’t compete.

Like they say in Texas….Go big or go home.


boss lady

p.s. don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

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