14, Mar 2014

The internet is saturated with super moms.  Moms with pinterest worthy lives.  Moms that are constantly reinventing the wheel. Moms that develop their own recipes, make their own clothes, have their kids engaged in elaborate arts and crafts projects.  Moms with fancy wardrobes and glossy hair.  Moms with beautiful homes.  Moms that workout every day and develop recipes from scratch.  Moms that babywear and home school.  


I am none of these moms.  I am just an average mom.


I’m the mom that is happy to shop at old navy and ikea. We don’t follow trends and we don’t set them either.  I’m the mom you can always spot in sneakers and a pony tail with the kid that sometimes has some leftover lunch on his pants or in his hair.  The one who doesn’t know what the newest cell phone is or the latest shoe trend. The mom who doesn’t step out of the house in high heels any more. The mom who, I am pretty sure, actually doesn’t own high heels anymore.  The mom that no longer wears dry clean only. The mom who would rather cook dinner than eat out.  The one who enjoys sitting down and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with her family. The mom that doesn’t own a dslr and instead relies on her cell phone to take candid shots of her toddler doing real things. Things that aren’t staged.  I’m the mom that would almost always read a book than watch a movie. I’m the one with the toddler that doesn’t sit still. I am the mom that doesn’t have an itinerary of arts and crafts to do with her child.  A mom that goes to bed early and wakes up even earlier.  I’m the mom that needs to find a really good under eye concealer because despite my best efforts, I still don’t sleep through the night.  I’m the mom with toys all over the floor and laundry spilling out of hampers. The one with fingerprints all over the stainless steel.  I am the mom that doesn’t have date nights or vacations that don’t include my son.  I am the mom that doesn’t have a pinterest worthy house or life.


I am just an average mom.


I am just an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things.


Just ask my family.



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  1. LOVE this one! And I nodded to just about everything on your list – me too! Another ordinary mom here. And yes, we are doing extraordinary things. <3
    Beth @ Structure in an Unstructured Life recently posted…Tunesday Tuesday: Random 5My Profile

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