The human race sometimes does some odd stuff. I’ll let you decide if I did something odd or if it is everyone else doing something odd with their placenta…

No other species substitutes their milk for another mammal’s milk. We do. We move straight from the breast or formula to sippy cups of cow milk. Other mammals ingest their placenta after birth. Our hospitals dispose of our placenta in biohazard waste bags though. I don’t do cow milk. I’m not sure where my kid will fall on that spectrum. I also don’t do placenta disposal in biohazard waste bags. Nope.

When I was pregnant, I researched the benefits of placenta encapsulation which included but are not limited to: balancing hormones, increasing milk supply, increasing energy levels and reducing postpartum baby blues. There are a few ways to ingest the placenta including smoothies and capsules. I chose to have mine made into capsules. The process was super easy.

I hired a doula to dehydrate and make my capsules for me. After the birth, the hospital packed my placenta up and my husband kept it on ice. He contacted the doula regarding the pick up. She met my husband at the hospital to pick my freshly packaged goods up. I believe that this is a time sensitive matter so you want to make sure the placenta gets to the specified destination within 24-48 hours post delivery. The turn around time for my capsules was 2-3 days. I let the doula know when I was discharged from the hospital and she met me at my house that night to drop off the pills. They came beautifully packaged with clearly written instructions on the front.


Due to many months of being under the weather over the winter, I kept my placenta in the freezer. We are 8 months post partum and I recently started taking them. I am only taking one a day and have noticed significant changes. My mood and energy levels have greatly increased and I feel so much more prepared to handle the increasing demands of my son on what little sleep I get every night. These little pills are the new mother’s little helper.

I will absolutely encapsulate next birth and strongly encourage all of my friends and readers to research the benefits of encapsulation. If you are local to the South Jersey/Philadelphia region and are interested in some great mamas encapsulating, please drop me a line. I’m happy to point you in the right direction!

So, crazy or not, that’s my story. Did you or would you encapsulate your placenta? I’d love to hear your story.


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