10, Jul 2013

Who coined that phrase?  Obviously, they know diddlysquat about babies. Or at least my baby.  We’ve gone weeks without sleep in my house. People, I’m talking weeks.  Do you hear me?  Am I making myself clear?

It’s true.  It’s all true.  There have been many a sleepless night in my house for the past many, many, many weeks.  I don’t actually know how many weeks anymore.  My ability to complete basic math computations has failed me.  Trust me though….it has been weeks.  You probably got that part already though, right?

So, why all the sleepless nights?  It has something to do with a baby. I mean you don’t actually think I’m the one waking up in the middle of the night crying, pooping my pants or wanting to nurse did you?  Nope.  Not me this time.  It’s my babypants.  High maintenance middle of the night baby antics happening here.

What you probably didn’t know though is that not only does my babypants have all types of middle of the night shenanigans but now he has them during the day too. What kind of shenanigans you ask?  The no napping anymore, at all, never ever kind.  It’s like final destination except at my house there aren’t 5 sequels lined up.  Just one….no sleep. 

So back to the question at hand, who coined the term sleeping like a baby?  What does that mean?  In my house it means not sleeping.  Sleeping like a husband.  Sleeping like a dog.  Sleeping like a cat.  I would like to try one of those, please.


Boss lady

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