I’m back to talk about diapers. Diapers, much to my chagrin, are a lot like jeans. Finding the right fit takes some time. In my case, it took nearly 3 decades to find the perfect jean. I have a baby that needs diapers now. I don’t have 3 decades to find the right diaper for him. That’s just silly. Lucky for me I think I have gotten pretty darn close to finding the right fit for him and he is only 8 months.

Before I arrived at diaper heaven (which honestly isn’t a place since all diapers are filled with pee and poop), I was stuck in the abyss of ill fitting diapers. Cloth diapers, disposable diapers, rubber underpants, oak leaves strung together with fishing wire…none of it worked. I could not find a diaper that fit my baby until of course I reached the holy grail of diapers. I’ll give you a brief overview of the diapers that we tried before I share my holy grail.

My husband, Science Guy, wasn’t really sold on the whole idea of cloth diapering so when we brought our little bundle of baby joy home we started with disposables. I had to ease my way into the cloth diapering with Science Guy. He’s sensitive like that. Anyway, we tried Huggies Pure and Natural, Pampers Swaddlers, Cruisers, Luvs and Babyganics. Most of the time it was a major poop shoot up the back that was happening with these diapers. None of them could contain my kid’s poop. There would be a urinal fountain up the front on the days that a major poop shoot wasn’t happening up my poor kid’s back.

While we were experiencing these epic poops shoots and urinal fountains, we were also testing out the waters of cloth diapering. I am going to be completely honest when I say cloth diapering is crazytown overwhelming. It’s not really hard to put the diaper on, take the diaper off and wash the diaper when dirty. What is really hard is choosing the right cloth diapers. If I had to do it all over again, I would probably have done a trial that is offered with a company like Jillian’s Drawers. I didn’t though. Instead, I tried my hand at gdiapers, fuzzibunz and Charlie Banana. My experience with cloth diapers has been a mixed bag so far. While I really wanted to love them, they certainly had their faults. Each of the above mentioned brands worked initially on my child by containing leaks, etc. However, each brand eventually began to leak. I am not sure if I laundered them incorrectly, they did not fit properly, they needed to be adjusted, etc. What I ended up with was a daily dose of leaking diapers and more laundry. On top of that, we also experienced continued diaper rash. His diaper rash was mild since we always put diaper cream on and took him out of cloth and placed him in a disposable as soon as we noticed. Lucky for us he has never had a bad case of diaper rash yet. We are taking a break from cloth at the present time as his current summer wardrobe will not accommodate a fluffy butt. I have not given up on cloth diapering yet but I do find that it is not as easy as it is made to appear by the numerous cloth diapering mamas out there.

Now, on to the good stuff. This is the stuff you’ve been waiting for. The stuff you came to see. The holy grail of diapers is ahead. These are the current diapering essentials in my house that we use to keep our little guy’s tushy dry and happy.

baby tushies

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1. BumGenius 4.0: This is our current selection of cloth diaper. We were using it up until the start of summer and plan to return to using it when fall arrives. It seems to fit my baby’s bum the best while containing leaks effectively. The only concern that I have is whether or not my babypants is sensitive to the BumGenius liner. The jury is still out on that.

2. BabyGanics Wipes: These are hands down my favorite wipes. They do not irritate my little guy at all. These also leave no residue unlike some of the other wipes on the market. I buy these by the case because it is more cost effective. The only other wipe on the market that I have found that is comparable would be the seventh generation wipes.

3. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment: This is my go to for diaper cream. Like I mentioned previously, my son has battled some bouts of diaper rash and I credit this cream in helping to prevent the rash from worsening. This is a thick creamy balm with a heavy lavender essence. Just a dab treats and clears up any sign of a diaper rash or chapped tushy. I have heard good things about coconut oil too but unfortunately for us it did diddly squat for my kid. So, we will stick to our little bee friend.

4. Seventh Generation Diapers: This is the end all be all of diapers for us. We found our holy grail in these diapers free from fragrance, latex, petroleum based lotion or chlorine processing. These diapers have a little elastic gathering in the back of the waistband that contains what other diapers fail too. These diapers are also insanely absorbent and have yet to leak even when worn overnight. I really cannot sing enough praises for seventh generation for doing what so many other companies have failed to do….creating a diaper that holds my kid’s pee and poop. It’s a happy day here. It doesn’t hurt that the diaper and the company from which it is manufactured from are both eco-friendly. Holy Grail!

If only diapering was like Lord of the Rings….one diaper to rule them all. It isn’t though. It’s more like buying jeans. Trying on countless diapers until you find your holy grail. Godspeed.


boss lady

Disclaimer: all opinions expressed herein are solely the opinions of boss lady and do not replace the opinions of your child who will surely let you know if a poop shoot or urinal fountain is happening at a diaper near you.

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