I’ve always had an aversion to denim.  I never could understand the allure of blue jeans.  They were stiff and uncomfortable.  Tight and unflattering.  Baggy, saggy and it looked like I was wearing a diaper.  Or high waisted mom jeans (which ironically made a come back…just waiting for scrunchies and wigwams to resurface). 

Then one day it hit me.  Like a ton of bricks.  The good people of 7 for all mankind released the dojo into the universe and I’ve never looked back.  These are my jeans.  Not too tight. Not too baggy. Not too high. Not too low. Like goldilocks, just right. The only jeans I will ever buy again. I love them. It’s like the dojo was built for me. Did I mention I love them? Well, I do. We’ll be together forever, me and my dojo.

What I’ve learned since the birth of babypants is that diapers are much like jeans. Just for babies and not nearly as awesome. You can wear your three day old jeans. I wouldn’t recommend rewearing your baby’s three day old diaper. Your choice though.

Tomorrow, I will give you the run down on my favorite diapers.


Boss lady

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