27, May 2014

Summer, I missed you.  I forgot just how much I missed you until you paid us a visit this weekend.  You showered us with warm temperatures, lots of sunshine, fresh air, easy conversation, cold drinks, backyard barbecues and lots of visiting with neighbors.  Like an old friend, you felt so easy and natural to be around.  No need to make elaborate plans to fill our time or small talk to fill the pauses.  Nope, it was good just to be in your presence.


Thanks for spending the weekend with us.  Stop by again soon.   We always have room for backyard barbecues, sun filled days, a refreshing swim, cold drinks and easy conversation.


backyard barbecues


30, Apr 2014

We were super lucky last weekend and hit the weather jackpot.  Sunshine.  Lots of sunshine with temps in the 60’s.  It was a perfect weekend to explore our neighborhood.  We recently found out about some local county parks that boast easy trails along the water.  Finding something scenic in New Jersey is no easy feat.   Trust me.


We were pretty fortunate to run across a site dedicated to South Jersey Trails.  I had been looking for a comprehensive site for quite some time and had been pretty unsuccessful until I stumbled across this gem.  A guy from New Jersey hiking and reviewing trails….with a toddler in tow.  Perfect.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  If you have a toddler, live in New Jersey or wonder what else you can do on Saturday other than go to Target, than you should check out this site.


We stopped by Amico Island and did an easy 4 mile hike while the toddler spent the better portion of the morning napping. We looped around the trails twice and stopped to hunt deer tracks for a while.  The hunting paid off as we lucked out and easily spotted a pack of more than 20 deer grazing.  I was feeling pretty grateful at the time that my toddler was sleeping as to not frighten the little white tailed beauties.


this kid



rancocas creek

amico island

deer hunting

Excuse the grain but this is all you get.  I am sure if you squint really hard though you can make out the deer, no?

deer whisperer


The following day, we took the toddler out for a nature walk.  This time we let him run wild on the trails.  It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend.  I am looking forward to more weekends like this.

this kid needs a pair of merrils


bird watching


31, Dec 2013

Yesterday, I shared a little about my holiday hustle dilemma.  You can read more about it here

While I spent a significant amount of time in big box stores scooping up obligatory gift cards for all of the teenagers on my gift list, I was able to choose a few gifts with meaning this year which always makes my holiday season a little brighter.  One of my favorite gifts this year that I gave was a canvas print of babypants.

superfresh babypants

superfresh babypants

superfresh babypants

I used this recent photo from a family photo shoot to order a canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints.  The ordering process was super simple.  I chose a single print option and the modest size of 8×10 with the standard .75 wraparound, although there are multiple sizing and wraparound options available!  I uploaded the image seen above and chose the mirrored wraparound option.   Since this picture was professionally shot, I opted out of any editing or color options offered.  The entire ordering process from start to finish took less than 5 minutes to complete! I ordered at the height of the holiday rush and it took approximately a week turn around for my print to arrive on my doorstep.

I love it!  It is such a perfect gift with so much meaning for my little family.  I hope the recipient enjoys it as much as I enjoyed the process of creating it!

I really enjoyed working with Easy Canvas Printsand am happy to be able to offer my readers a 50% off promo code by using this link: Easy Canvas Prints Promo Codes!  Be sure to check out their site and snag some goodies for yourself or loved ones.   You can also check out their affiliate sites for more custom printing options and ideas at Build A Sign and Allied Shirts.

Are you a gift card, store bought or home made type of gift giver?  What kind of gifts do you favor to receive?


boss lady



FTC Disclosure: I was provided with a product to review for this post.   As always, all thoughts are my own and I only work with brands whose products I love and can or would purchase with my own money.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the past week.  We shook things up around here and took a break from our regularly scheduled programming, often known as life, to take a trip to the Jersey shore.

The Jersey shore is home of suns out guns out living, bad choices make good stories, Snooki, J-woww and other disasters.  It’s also the home of the family friendly, alcohol free town of Ocean City.

We spent three sun filled days visiting friends last week and hanging out at the beach.  It was a much welcomed diversion to the regularly scheduled programming of our life. 

We packed up the car.  That was a whole new experience for us.  Strollers, pack and plays, diapers, beach chairs, beach umbrellas…I felt like I could start selling things out of my trunk.  Gone are the days of itty bitty bathing suits and sundresses and on to the sippy cups, toys and mom wear. 


road trip

We hung out with other babies, ate sand, took early morning walks and late night strolls on the boardwalk.  Like a boss.






We came home and needed some recovery time.  We then spent the latter half of the week teething, turning 8 months old and resuming the c25k schedule.  It was a busy week but our motto for summer living is suns out, guns out or at least that’s what I learned on the boardwalk from the screen printed t-shirt.


Boss lady (jersey style)

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