25, Apr 2014

Last May, I started the C25K and ran my face off over the summer.  As a result of all the running, nursing and lack of proper nutrition, I was dehydrated.  I gained 45 lbs when I was pregnant but lost a whopping 60 lbs last summer.  It was not intentional.  My hair was falling out.  My clothes were falling off.  I felt fine though.  I didn’t even recognize how much stress my body was under.  I didn’t run to lose weight.  I ran to improve my physical and mental health but failed miserably.


I was stuck last summer.


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Lately, I have been stuck on the rest cycle and I’m okay with it.  The winter was long and cold.  I loved it. I ran intermittently whenever the mood struck which was rare. I took a long break from running.  I actually contemplated giving up running.


Then, spring came knocking at my door.  I answered.  I find that we are spending more of our days outside now.  My son could possibly spend all day, every day outside.  It doesn’t matter whether we are raking leaves, hanging out in the yard, taking a walk in the stroller, exploring nature or running rampant on the playground.  The outcome is always the same: sheer joy!


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So, I have decided to pick up where we left off last summer and start running again.  We have already hit the trails running.  It is just as good as I remembered it.


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It was 18 degrees today. I decided that today would be a fine day to go for a run.

I was right. It was.


superfresh babypants


I used to despise winter. It is bitter and dreary. The absence of sun and warmth feels depressing. I used to spend my days in an office without windows. I never saw the sun. I arrived at work before the sun came up and barely arrived home before it had set. This scenario made for a very long and uneventful season. One in which I longed for spring to arrive.

Winter exudes it’s own peaceful quietness though. I am beginning to experience a beauty of winter that I have not seen before. Today, we bundled up and enjoyed an afternoon run. It was 18 degrees outside. The lawns were covered with snow leftover from the weekend. The river was partially encased in ice. The sky was gray and overcast as it is on most days. It is so bitter and cold these days that we have the streets to ourselves. It is peaceful.

These days are pretty spectacular for us…dreary skies, bitter temps and all.

I’ve logged more than 35 miles in the past 6 weeks.  For some of you, you may log that in a weekend.  For others, you may not have logged that in the past decade.  I’ve logged it in the past 6 weeks and I’m still going. 

I took a brief hiatus when I went searching for snooki and the situation at the shore but now I’m back.  Back on track.  My little tootsies are pounding pavement. Well, pounding pavement makes it sound like I’m marathon training.  Let’s be honest, I’m lightly jogging at best.   In fact, I was too lazy to do the distance training so I chose the timed version.  I knew that it would require less running technically.  Lazy, right?  Nah, I’m stil doing it….that’s all that really matters.  You can’t burst my little Nike inspired running fest where I pump myself up every morning chanting “just do it”.

I’ve also completed my 200 squat challenge.  Easy peasy. Just in case you thought I was going to sweep that under the rug my friend.

Like a boss.



Boss lady

18, Jul 2013
running essentials
Time is a commodity in my house.  Therefore the time it takes to get dressed is also a commodity.  Getting dressed for my c25k run is no exception.  I’ve compiled a list of some of my tried and true favorites when it comes to getting ready and getting out the door.
1. nike elastica sports bra:  A great flat seam, moisture wicking bra that can be layered under a running tank like the lululemon mile a minute tank.
2. new balance 630v2:  I absolutely love these sneakers.  They have an attractive price point and are super comfy.  The color combination is also extremely appealing.  Mine are showing some wear and tear and I am about to order another pair because I am so fond of them.
3. women’s visor:  I wear a similar nike golf visor during my runs.  My sunnies are not conducive to running in the heat and humidity and this visor does the trick in sheilding my peepers from the sun.
4. wunder under crops:  Another great piece from the lululemon line.  I wear these running, to yoga and around the house because these are so comfy.
5. city mini gt: I can’t rave enough about this stroller and neither can babypants.  It has a super duper canopy and breathable vent in the back to protect him from the sun and heat.  A smooth ride with forever gel tires and a lockable swivel wheel in the front.
6. mile a minute tank:  lululemon hits the nail on the head with this tank with their signature luxtreme fabric, moisture wicking and flat seams. It’s perfect for running in this extreme heat and humidity and can be layered with a sports bra for additional support.
So there you have it.  These are my tried and true favorites and help me get out of the house every morning.  Some need a cup of coffee, I just need a good stroller and pair of sneakers.  Happy Shopping!!
boss lady

Welcome to the long awaited update on my super strenuous summer training program.  It’s often referred to as the couch to 5k.  I started the c25k program back in June.  You can read all about that here if you feel so inclined.

There have been a few stumbling blocks along the way to completing this program and I’ve only just completed week 4.  I actually thought for a minute there that week 4 might never end but I was able to knock out the final day of week 4 on Sunday.  Last week was a bitch of a week with some blood, sweat and tears shed along the way. 

Let’s reverse the order and talk tears.  Whose tears you ask?  My tears?  5 minute increments of running too much for me?  Bringing me to my knees crying?  No.  Not yet at least anyway.  Check back after next week though. 

Back to the tears.  We are talking about babypants.  He’s been having some major meltdowns and malfunctions lately.  Or for the past 7.5 months.  Whichever one comes first.  Last week culminated in his decision to quit napping during the day.  He must be unionized because he went on strike last week.  There were many tears shed.  Many sleepless nights and sleepless days.  Getting out of the house was a major complication.  Getting dressed on most days was a major complication to be honest.  His strike was difficult but I crossed the picket line and made sure that we completed the 3 days. He is currently napping now so hopefully the union of babies everywhere came to some sort of formal agreement. 

Sweat.  We are experiencing some insane, never ending heat wave.  Temperatures in the 90’s with a heat index over 100. Every. Single. Day. Last week was hot, humid and a chance of thunderstorms every day.  It’s like Florida here just without the palm trees and nice beaches.  I decided that if they could run in Florida I could probably run too.  That was motivation…I kid you not.

The culmination of my week was blood shed.  Yep, my own.  No severe life threatening injuries or loss of limbs here just a simple dog attack.  Whose dog you ask?  Oh, that would be my dog.  The crazy Chinese fighting dog.  He apparently took issue with me being in the kitchen on Saturday night and decided it best that he let me know by tearing through the delicate little toes on my left foot that propel these legs through the day.  Yes, he attacked my foot with enough force that there was blood shed.  Blood shed means that blood was dripping on the hardwood floors by the way.  This was no simple skin abrasion.  No, this was a full on attack.  He is crazy but clearly I am crazier for keeping him.

So that concludes the blood, sweat and tears of pounding the pavement and completing the 4th week of the c25k. I handled it like a boss.


boss lady

True to form, I decided to start the c25k program at the start of summer.  9 weeks of running (okay….jogging) in the dead of summer might be self sabotaging but I am committed to completing this. Naturally, mother nature decided to show me what she is made of this week.


I knocked out the 3 days of week 2 despite the 90 degree temps outside. It was hot. Disgustingly hot. I did it though.  Then in true over achieving form, I added a squat challenge to my exercise routine.  200 squats in 30 days.  Just because I can, ya know?

What are you doing to challenge yourself physically?


Boss lady

26, Jun 2013

Dear babypants,

I cannot believe that we are less than 5 months out until you are the big one!!  The past 7 months have gone by in the blink of an eye.  Your dad and I marvel at how quickly you are growing and changing.


This month has been a monumental
month of firsts for us! You took your first plane ride, first vacation and went swimming for the first time!  You enjoyed it so much that we are ready for our next trip.


You have also started solid foods this month and have tried both avocado and carrots with success.  You love both of these veggies just like ma ma and da da.



You are rolling over and sitting up on your own.  You have just started crawling…rudimentary crawling…like your ma ma’s version of running….but we still count it!! You have also just started pulling yourself up using your crib rails!! I’m not ready for that….slow down, buddy.

You are still loving your exersaucer but also have developed a fondness for building blocks, stacking rings, balls and any toy that makes noise.  You also fancy cell phones but those remain off limits for your digits.



Buh bye hernandez

You have taken a keen interest in the dog and cat too.  You attempt interaction with the cat any chance you get which includes smacking her and pulling fur.  The dog…not so much.  Despite your age, you recognize he’s cray cray.


You’ve got two teeth already and are super focused on making more.  We’ve been waiting for what seems like weeks for your uppers to arrive and look forward to some much needed sleep for all of us :)

It’s hard to believe that you are all ours.  You’re growing up so fast and your personality is prevailing.  Such a happy baby, we are so lucky to be graced by your presence every day.


Ma ma (aka boss lady)

To be completely honest I’m not really running.  More like jogging.  Maybe speedwalking. Better yet, kind of like a cross between crawling, skipping and walking with a dash of jogging.  Just a disclaimer in case you thought you were going to find yourself reading a post about my marathon training schedule.  You’re not.

When I referenced running it was more like I have an intention to run rather than I am actually running.  I do have running sneakers though and I fancy them quite a bit.


I’ve downloaded several couch to 5k apps on my phone but haven’t really ever used them.  They have just been hanging out waiting for me to get motivated.  I’ve found my favorite at run double. It provides verbal commands to make the run easier while tracking your distance and averages your pace. It also has an amazing number of features outside the c25k program.



I’ve done the c25k program multiple times in the past and never finished.  Too hot, too cold, too dark, not enough time, etc.  I figured that since I’m home every day it would be a good time to actually start and commit to the program especially since I found my self sedentary during pregnancy. I am just days shy of being 7 months post partum and am feeling physically great.  I’ve found the momentum to really dedicate time and energy to our diet and wanted to supplement my diet with a healthy dose of physical activity.

I was an avid runner….2 decades ago. What I loved about running: endorphins, being outside, time alone.  I know, I know.  So cliche.  How come I can’t say that I loved being thin or having kick ass glutes or something?  Honestly, that’s not why I ran.  That’s not why I want to run now either.  I’ve lost the baby weight already so this has nothing to do with weight loss but everything to do with the crazy runner’s high one gets from long distance running.  It’s moving meditation for me and something I am looking forward to.

With scenery like this, it’s hard to imagine not being able to meditate while moving.


These are my running companions who are bound to hold me accountable and keep me motivated.


Cheers to good health!


Boss lady

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