23, Jul 2013

We are deep in the throes of teething. We are 4 teeth deep with more on the way. All four front incisors have made an appearance and are here for the long haul. Lots of drool, gnawing, chewing, a few tears and some sleepless nights to account for all the teeth making. We go the natural route for teething and only bring out the big guns (motrin) when absolutely necessary. So far we have survived the first four teeth like I said! Check out what we use to help the little one cut his teeth.

teething essentials

teething essentials by superfreshbabypants on Polyvore

What remedies have you found for teething? I’d love to hear what works for you.


boss lady

I realize that the tooth fairy gets a lot of recognition and kudos picking up teeth from around the world and leaving cash money behind but who doesn’t get a lot of recognition though is the TF’s brother.  The guy responsible for dropping the teeth off at your house.  I imagine he doesn’t get much fanfare because he’s a lot like Clark Griswold’s cousin Eddie.  Living in an RV, drinking Schlitz and wearing polyester. A lot of polyester.

My kid has been looking for him for days on end without success.  He’s been crying out for him in the wee hours of the morning desperate for his new teeth.  To no avail though. No tooth fairy brother here.  Maybe his RV broke down or he’s serving time for a DUI.  If that’s the case, he really needs a replacement to fill in for him. My stash of teething tabs, teething gels, amber necklaces, teething rings and motrin can only hold him for so long.

So if you happen to run into TF’s brother let him know we’ve been looking for him.



Boss lady

14, Jun 2013

We interrupt this scheduled programming to bring you breaking news…


That is all.  Carry on.


boss lady

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