My 17 month old fancies his cousins quite a bit.  His cousins are significantly older than him.  His cousins are teenagers.  They have their own friends, own sports, hobbies, homework and interests.  One even has her license and her very own car now.  They are just your typical teenagers with extraordinary love.


I have been witness to the relationships and bonds that are being formed between these much older teenagers and my 17 month old.  It is amazing to say the least.  I have watched as his cousins have held his hand and walked him down the sidewalk.  Have chased him through open fields.  Have protected him from injury.  Have helped him climb the jungle gym and subsequently helped him down the slide.  Have helped him experience the love of family.


I feel so extremely fortunate for my child that he is surrounded by so much love.


everybody walk the dog


lacrosse superstar



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