Tuesday morning.  A snow storm is pending.  The television is off.  All the channels have been encrypted.  I cannot watch the news.  I cannot see the weather forecast. I don’t know how the roads are or what is headed our way.  It’s 8 am.  The sky is overcast and gray.



By mid-morning, the snow arrives.  From the warmth of my dining room, I am watching the snow cover the pavement, the cars, the trees.  Hours pass.  It snows. My husband comes home from work early.   We spend the day inside.  It is warm and cozy.  It is quiet except the sound of our voices.  The sound of laughter.  There are no distractions beyond what is happening in the present moment.


This is my reality now.


The only sounds in my house now are the sounds of laughter and the voices from those that live here.  The television is no longer a participant in our mornings.  No news.  No weather.  No morning talk shows.  No interruptions from people that don’t live here.


We have lived this life before.  A life without any television at all.  We lived this life for almost a year.  It was quiet and blissful.  I forgot how much I enjoyed it.   A new television came into our home quite some time ago and some local television channels tagged along with it.  Nothing that really distracted from our lives.  Some local news and some football.  It was enough to change the landscape of our days without ever really noticing.


Our lives have changed once again.  We have lived this life before and are living it again.  This time, we are bringing our toddler along for the ride.  Our days look more like this now….


superfresh babypants


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4 Responses to “we have lived this life before”

  1. We are cable free, but not TV free. We get about 10 local channels and have Apple TV to stream Netflix and Hulu Plus. I could totally do without it, but my husband is an introvert and really needs to unwind and veg at the end of the night. He needs a little mindless, so I don’t mind.
    NJ @ A Cookie Before Dinner recently posted…Ask Away Friday With Mommy A-ZMy Profile

    • superfreshbabypants says:

      We have Netflix too! I totally forgot how much I missed not having live television programming though. The house is so quiet and peaceful now :)

  2. Mary says:

    I admire this. I really do. But you have no idea how much I love television. It’s basically my best friend. And my house is peaceful right now b/c my kids are watching Magic Schoolbus. But it’s a different type of peaceful…
    Mary recently posted…Stay Away from Sugar, Says Local Health ExpertMy Profile

    • superfreshbabypants says:

      haha! When we had cable years ago, I was completely addicted to the Hills and RHOBH, NJ and NY….ha! Now it’s just an afterthought. I don’t miss it at all but I truly understand :)

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