31, Oct 2013

Just like MTV’s unplugged, we’ve gone all acoustic up in this joint.  We’ve unplugged.  We are off the grid.  Okay, we aren’t really off the grid.  That was a lie.  We did unplug though and powered down.  We turned off the computers and put the phones down for awhile.  We took a much needed break from technology and the incessant buzz it creates.  We went acoustic.  We hosted an intimate gathering full of our acoustic stylings and story telling.  We were rockstars in our own right.  Okay, that’s possibly a lie too but whatever.

The weekend was full of long days, longer nights and spending time with real people.  People in real life.  People living in real time.  It was nice.  It was simple.  I didn’t miss my phone.  I didn’t miss my laptop.  When I checked back in, I didn’t feel like I missed anything.  My inbox wasn’t full of treasures and trinkets.  It was full of junk mail.  It was clogging up my inbox the way Kentucky Fried Chicken clogs up your arteries.

This weekend, we endured many sleepless nights and some napless days.  We attended a party with toddlers and a pumpkin patch.  My totzilla ate hay and picked a pumpkin from my friend’s front lawn as it was the designated pumpkin patch.  We spent endless hours with family drinking tea and catching up on lost time and recounting old stories.  What we didn’t do was check in with facebook, instagram or twitter.  We were too busy living in real time and enjoying real life.

pumpkin patch

Do you ever unplug and power down?  Do you take a break from technology?


boss lady


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5 Responses to “we’ve gone acoustic”

  1. What a sweet letter. We tend to forget all those moments in between and suddenly the turn 1.
    Bintu @ Recipes From A Pantry recently posted…A Food Tour in Rome With Eating Italy Food ToursMy Profile

  2. Brittnei says:

    How ironic is this! I went to NJ to visit family from Oct 15th- Oct 29th. I actually ended up needing to take at least a week away from blogging because I couldn’t get to a computer like I normally can. I tweeted here and there, but for the most part, I felt like a dinosaur. It was nice to enjoy family there since we are now in Arizona, but I missed my homemaking routine and my hubby. Me and baby went all alone since hubby had to stay behind and work. It is definitely a great idea to unplug from the internet and just live life sometimes!
    Brittnei recently posted…What is NaBloPoMo?My Profile

    • superfreshbabypants says:

      Ahhhh you were in my neck of the woods! You could have brought the baby here and banned tweeting from my couch :)

  3. Good for you. I haven’t done this, but really should. Maybe I will suggest it to the hubby. I think I could go without it all, but the TV would be an issue. Even if we’re not watching it, it’s always on.
    Meg @ The Patchwork Paisley recently posted…Ask Away Friday: Week 13My Profile

    • superfreshbabypants says:

      Seriously, you must try it!!! I am dying to see how you fare. It is so much easier than people anticipate it being.

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