It was 18 degrees today. I decided that today would be a fine day to go for a run.

I was right. It was.


superfresh babypants


I used to despise winter. It is bitter and dreary. The absence of sun and warmth feels depressing. I used to spend my days in an office without windows. I never saw the sun. I arrived at work before the sun came up and barely arrived home before it had set. This scenario made for a very long and uneventful season. One in which I longed for spring to arrive.

Winter exudes it’s own peaceful quietness though. I am beginning to experience a beauty of winter that I have not seen before. Today, we bundled up and enjoyed an afternoon run. It was 18 degrees outside. The lawns were covered with snow leftover from the weekend. The river was partially encased in ice. The sky was gray and overcast as it is on most days. It is so bitter and cold these days that we have the streets to ourselves. It is peaceful.

These days are pretty spectacular for us…dreary skies, bitter temps and all.

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4 Responses to “winter’s peacefulness”

  1. Becky says:

    I love the winter.. as long as I don’t have to drive in a snow storm. Snow on the ground is fine with me… -24 below.. bring it on. :)
    Becky recently posted…Direct Care ProfessionalMy Profile

    • superfreshbabypants says:

      ditto! I don’t drive it in either which is probably why I am developing such a fondness for this time of year.

  2. You make winter seem so nice. I still am OVER IT. I need spring. IMMEDIATELY.
    NJ @ A Cookie Before Dinner recently posted…10 Things I Should Say More OftenMy Profile

    • superfreshbabypants says:

      I know it is crazy but it really is so peaceful and nice. So quiet. The only sound I hear when running is the sound of my breathing which is pretty phenomenal. Love it!

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